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type gnu-linuxHome | AKBL

Control the lights Alienware computers under GNU/Linux systems. The software includes a graphical interface, a system try indicator, default commands and python bindings.

type gnu-linuxSTP Viewer

Free online STP viewer. Upload STP files and visualize them directly in your navigator (PC/Tablet/Mobile). No plugins or Flash are required.

type gnu-linuxHome | vList-Player

Video list player for GNU/Linux systems. Play your favorite series by doing a simple click! This software is very useful for people who downloads entire seasons and stock them in to a hard drive.

type gnu-linuxHome | 7zRecover

7zrecover is a brute force attacker and wordlist generator. Currently it is possible to attack: 7z, pdf, md5, sha256, sha512 and pgp files/archives/algorithms.

type articleBasics of Debian Packages

Debian packages are easy installation packages for Debian or Debian Based distributions. This tutorial is divided in two parts, the parts "GPG Signature" & "Installation" are destined to any user, and the parts "Modification" & "How to Build" to programmers or more advanced users.

type gnu-linuxHome | Build-Deb

Easy Debian package builder for interpreted languages or binary files. The program is mostly a simple bash script that simplifies annoying and repetitive tasks.

type gnu-linuxHome | Geany-Theme-Vaew

Dark theme for the Geany text editor. This package is only for GNU-Linux systems.

type articleChoosing a GNU/Linux distribution

This article is meant to help users without GNU/Linux experience to choose a GNU/Linux distribution. No previous knowledge is necessary.

type gnu-linuxHome | T411-Ratio

t411-ratio it is a GNU/Linux software for checking the ratio and downloading torrents. All the content must be from French tracker t411

type gnu-linuxHome | Auto-Sync

Auto execute rsync commands when plugging USB devices.